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COVID: A Brides Perspective | Grayton Beach State Park



During the COVID pandemic, there is not a single couple whose wedding has not been affected in some way. As a wedding photographer, I’ve been in contact with my couples and doing my best to accommodate their changes and not add any more stress to this already stressful time. But of course, I know the experience of changing wedding plans is different for a couple than a wedding vendor.

I want to feature, Ashlee and Shane, on the blog today. They had to reschedule their wedding multiple times and eventually changed all their original plans. Their plans may not have gone how they originally thought. but at the end of the day, COVID didn’t stop them. They are now a married couple and that is something to celebrate! 

Jennifer: Ok first off, how did you two meet and how did the proposal go down? We have to start at the beginning!

Ashlee: I bought a new car in 2016, and not even a few days of having it, someone rear-ended me. I got in touch with a body shop (where Shane worked) and we met and hit it off instantly. Looking back, I truly think it was a blessing in disguise. Shane popped the question on Christmas morning when it was just us and my daughter. It was a huge surprise!

Jennifer: That’s so sweet! Ok now the harder part of the wedding planning, how did COVID-19 change your plans?

Ashlee: Before COVID-19 hit, we arranged to get married in Turks & Caicos, but unfortunately after having to reschedule multiple times, the island and resort decided to close until later in the year. We had to completely change our original plans of going to Turks & Caicos and decided to wed at the courthouse in our hometown and honeymoon in Destin, FL. 

Jennifer: What do you think was the most overwhelming part of changing your plans?

Ashlee: The most stressful part was trying to reschedule our trip and make last minute plans to come to Florida, and searching for hours to find a spot available to stay in the week we were there. 

Jennifer: What advice would you have for other couples who may have to change plans due to COVID-19?

Ashlee: As stressful as these times are right now, try not to stress, and make the best of your situation.

Jennifer: How would you say your wedding experience was during COVID-19?

Ashlee: Overall I would say our wedding experience was great! COVID did completely change our plans up. We originally booked to elope/honeymoon in Turks & Caicos. But of course, it was cancelled so we made a quick decision to come to Destin, FL. I’m so glad we did! We really enjoyed it.

Jennifer: What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Ashlee: We eloped in our hometown, but the most special part was that we included my daughter into the ceremony. I felt like for us, that made our little family complete.

Jennifer: And how was your honeymoon in Florida!

Ashlee: My favorite thing from our honeymoon was honestly just the two of us getting to relax on the beach together. We were under so much stress from the pandemic completely changing our wedding plans, that it was nice to finally enjoy our honeymoon week.

Jennifer: I bet that was amazing! Ok, how did you feel working with me during all these changes you guys were going through? 

Ashlee: Honestly I thought it was going to be extremely stressful, especially with me booking last minute and not having much planned out at the time. Luckily you were able to squeeze us into your schedule, and made the entire process SO easy! We really can’t thank you enough!

Jennifer: Aw thank you so much! I loved working with you guys. What advice would you have to other couples when they’re picking out a photographer? 

Ashlee: Read lots of reviews. We came across your website and you had amazing reviews along with a unique photography style I fell in love with.

I’m so thankful that I was able to be there for Ashlee and Shane and help in any way possible. I think what we can all take away from these two is to go with the flow and see the positive even when what you had originally planned doesn’t work out. I am here for you guys!

Whether you are eloping, having a micro wedding, or postponing your wedding for another year, please contact me.

I’m happy to help make that transition smooth! 

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