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Top 3 Wedding Venues in Destin Florida

Wedding Venues


Today I am bringing you my top 3 wedding venues in Destin Florida. I am doing a blogging series where I bring you my top 3 wedding venues in different areas so make sure to check out my past blog on venues on 30A if you are thinking of getting married there as well. 

In Destin, I love the venues that give you great access to the beach or the bay and offer more options to my couples aside from only ceremony space. The three venues I’m talking about today to have your Destin beach wedding, offer places for your guests to stay, spas, chefs, and private beaches! Let’s dive in and find the perfect fit to start your happily ever after. 

1. Henderson Beach Resort 

Henderson Beach Resort is my top choice for wedding venues in Destin Florida for good reason. To start, it is a resort so it’s great for destination beach weddings! Your guests are able to stay here as well as your bridal party. They also offer multiple choices for hosting your ceremony and reception, so I love how many possibilities there are. They have an amazing rooftop space that gives you great views of the Destin sunsets which is one great option. There is also a lawn that is kept green year-round and a private beach which are both great and different options for your ceremony!

I need to add that the chef at Henderson Beach Resort is also amazing. My husband and I have gone for date night at the Primrose multiple times because the food is so good!

The staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful which is a huge plus when planning your wedding in Destin. And last but certainly not least, there is a spa and salon in the resort, The Salamander Spa! This means you can get your manicure and pedicure done right at the resort. You can also get your wedding hair and makeup done in the salon! It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop!

I think Henderson Beach Resort is a perfect option for couples that want to have everything in one place for ease and convenience. 

2. Destin Bay House 

The Destin Bay House is exactly what it says it is. An amazing house on the bay! It is in the main part of Destin and is bayside which can be a good alternative to the beach. They do have a small indoor space for receptions but I think the best spot is the patio area outside. It is a huge area that is paved and looks out over the water. They have Spanish moss outside and they can hang chandeliers in the trees for decor and they already have the twinkling bistro lights which add to the ambiance and makes it gorgeous at night. There is also a long and large dock which is amazing for bridal portraits and wedding party photos! For photo locations, there is a park next to the property as well with Spanish moss and plenty of greenery.

They have a bridal suite on location that is beautiful. And bay cottages where you and your guests can stay. The decor in both is modern and so cute. I think having the on-site locations for guests and your party to stay helps so much. They have a day of coordinator named Erin who is amazing and will help keep your day perfectly organized!

Overall I think this is an adorable venue that is very modern and styled beautifully and gives you a great view of the bay if you’re looking for an alternative to the beach! 

3. Palazzo Del Sol 

Palazzo Del Sol is the different venue on this list because it’s actually a rental home! But it’s on my list for a reason. It is right next to the beach, where you have private beach access. When I say right next to the beach, I mean you can walk straight outside to the beach, which is a huge bonus for beach weddings! Since this venue is a rental home, you are able to fit people inside to sleep.

I think you could easily fit the bridal party in the home so they wouldn’t have to sleep elsewhere and maybe even have some spare sleeping room for mom and dad! There is a pool outside and I have seen people put tables near the pool for cocktail hour and the reception. There is also a large patio area that can fit tables for the ceremony or reception! The patio area is large enough that I have seen about 200 guests there before. I think Palazzo Del Sol is a great pick if location is important to you. With the private beach access right at the house, you can’t beat that for your beach wedding! 

That is the roundup of my top 3 Destin, Florida wedding venues! If you have any questions about these venues please feel free to reach out. I have photographed weddings at each of these locations and am more than happy to give you the insight I have on them or even go tour them with you! I hope these recommendations help you find the perfect location to have your Destin wedding, where you’ll say “I Do”! 


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