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Eden Gardens State Park | Santa Rosa Beach, FL | Palermo Family

Family Portraits


Are you looking for the perfect family photo location? You should consider

Eden Gardens State Park

I just adore the family I’m blogging about today. Fortunately, I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been photographing the Palermo family for 3 years now! I truly can’t believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first met them. Below is a photo of our very first session together!

Let’s learn about this great family! Curt loves kiteboarding and Holly enjoys reading. Hallie (17) and Garett, who recently got engaged and will be married in 2021. Xander (16) loves horses and is an extrovert who can literally make friends with anyone. Next, is the beautiful Alita (11) who is a sassy barrel racing country girl. Then, there’s Lincoln (5) is a wild child who loves everyone! Then, there’s little Mila (4) who loves everything Minnie Mouse. Finally, there’s Seth (19) and his long term girlfriend, Allison, who couldn’t make this year’s family photo because they are too busy being adults, trying to start a life together.

Undoubtedly, Holly and Curt have become my friends over the time we’ve worked together. For one thing, it’s hard to not become friends with someone like Holly, she is such a sweet person and the greatest mom. Secondly, Dad and husband Curt is just as great. He doesn’t like getting his picture taken, just like most men, but he has hung in there for 3 years in a row!

Family Portraits at Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

When Holly messaged me to take their family photos again, I immediately began thinking of an amazing location for the portrait session! In the past, Holly has always given me free rein on picking out the locations for their family portraits. Finally, after thinking for weeks, Eden Gardens State Park came to my mind. I told Holly about it and showed her a maternity session I did there in the past. She trusted my opinion and fell in love, of course!!!!

And as for the day of the shoot, I had a great time as usual! I feel they all had a pretty great time, too. Of course, Curt had a blast! LOL! My favorite part about this location the trees with all the Spanish moss blowing in the wind. Absolutely, gorgeous there!

“Jennifer is amazing at making everything flow smoothly and takes her time to guide and understand each person individually. That makes everything a million times better. There are never awkward moments. She is great at what she does.,” says Holly.

Okay, enough talking. Check out the wonderful Palermo family at Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

If you haven’t been or if you are vacationing near Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Eden Gardens State Park is a must!!!

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