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Fort Walton Beach Family Portraits| Palermo Family

Family Portraits


Hi again, ladies and gents! Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so amazing to work with. That’s true of my session with the Palermo family, too! Their Fort Walton Beach family portrait session was so much fun!

The Session

I met up with them on June 26, 2018, at the beach on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, FL and the weather was perfect for photo-taking. The sun was out, the beach wasn’t too crowded, and the temperature wasn’t too hot! While the weather was fine, it was the Palermo family that made this shoot such a success.


The Palermo Family

The Palermo family consists of

Holly who is a Nurse at an assisted living facility for those who have dementia. Curt who is a jack-of-all-trades. He is a teacher at Pryor Middle School located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He also teaches kiteboarding and scuba diving. Seth is a senior in high school who loves to play basketball. Hallie is a 10th grader. Her life seems to revolve around music. Xander is a 9th grader who has an outgoing spirit and love horseback riding. Alita is 9 years old who is their little diva! She loves to dance. Lincoln is 3 years old who has a love for the water. Mila is 2 years old. She has an obsession with popsicles and bubbles!

“We love anything outdoors. Lazy beach days, kiteboarding, horseback riding, and going out on the boat,” says Holly, when asked what their family likes to do. I asked Holly what are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session? She says “Don’t stress yourself out by over thinking things! If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask Jennifer! She is very helpful!”

As you can see from the comments above and the photos below, this family is not only photogenic but also a close-knit group who clearly love spending time together. Holly, Curt, Seth, Hallie, Xander, Anita, Lincoln, and little Mila are lucky to have each other.



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