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Jessica | Senior Portrait Session| Jennifer G Photography

Senior Portraits


Jessica | Senior Portrait Session| Jennifer G Photography

Hello There!

I just wrapped up editing this absolutely gorgeous senior portrait session and I was so eager to get it to the blog! Downtown Crestview is a very common location for all types of sessions, as I type this I am actually about to walk out the door for another session there today! It has such a wide variety of natural backdrops and looks beautiful during literally every season! Although it was really cold the day of this shoot, this senior didn’t let it stop her!

Meet Jessica

Today I want you to meet Jessica. Charismatic, creative, and comical are the words that come to mind when I think about this beautiful young woman.

Jessica is a senior at Crestview High School located in Crestview, Florida. She has been the Cosmetology Club President for the past two years and a representative the year before that. She also has been a National Honors Society member for the last 3 years.

High school senior sitting on a curb in downtown located in Crestview, Florida.

Jessica and I had a great time walking up and down main street in downtown Crestview for her senior portrait session. Jessica’s mother, Jennifer, suggested we go into a local barber shop, Hub City Barbers, to get a few pictures of Jessica in a chair since she’s so much into Cosmetology. Although Jessica was a bit nervous about it, in the end, she was ecstatic the guys agreed to let us shoot in their shop! This was definitely the highlight of her session!

I loved the outfits that Jessica brought to her senior portrait session. For example, the color of her sweater really made these images pop. Also, just a simple black blazer made a big impact. Of course, every senior needs a photo of them wearing their senior class shirts!

What advise does she have for other Seniors?

I asked Jessica whether she had any advice to offer others who were getting ready to take senior pictures. This is what she had to share:

“Dress for the weather! During my session it was freezing outside, so even though I was wearing a sweater, it definitely wouldn’t have hurt to have another layer or two. I know for me personally, I am able to fix my hair more easily a couple of days after it has been washed. So for sure prepare whatever you need so that your hair will look amazing. Go slightly heavier on the makeup.” Jessica said.

After high school, she will be a licensed cosmetologist by the time she graduates. She plans to start working in a salon as soon as I can while going to school to get my Bachelor’s degree.

Best of luck to Jessica! I know you’ll be very successful.


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