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Top 5 Tips Planning Your Destination Beach Wedding!



Hey ladies! Today we are talking about destination beach weddings! We are so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful beaches in Florida. There is no shortage of sandy space for you to start your happily ever after. Whether you grew up next to the ocean or hail from a landlocked state, there are some specific things you will want to know when planning a destination beach wedding. 

1. Use local vendors. 

This is a big one because as locals we are going to know the area well. We will be able to give you the advice on the best beaches to have your ceremony, give you real insight on reception locations, and know the laws and legalities of our area. We also know each other so if you hire me as your wedding photographer for instance, I will be able to let you know which caterers I have worked with before, which florists have done stunning work on beach destination weddings, and even who can marry you! Another big reason to use local vendors is that we are all required to have beach permits for weddings taking place on our beaches, and that is something we will already have! 

2. Do your research 

One thing I want to make sure all couples having a destination beach wedding do, is their research. For example, there are many all-in-one types of companies for destination weddings where they have the photographer, florist, and wedding planner all provided to you. The downside to this is that you aren’t able to select your photographer, your florist, wedding planner, caterer, or other wedding vendors. It’s important to do research and make sure you know what each vendor and wedding venue is offering it and what is in their contract. You should love working with your vendors and feel comfortable with them on your wedding day, so I’d hate to see any couples not get to select their vendors themselves!

3. Ask the hard questions 

This is great advice for any couple really. When it comes to wedding vendors, we truly care about your wedding day, making sure it runs smoothly and that you have the best experience with us. With that being said, it’s still important to ask the hard questions to make sure you find the right vendors for you. Ask your photographer if they have ever photographed a beach sunset wedding. It takes practice to be able to balance the white sand and the sunset colors and make sure you show up in the photos! Ask the florist if they have done tropical-themed bouquets if that’s the look you’re going for. Never be afraid to ask for portfolios from any vendor because you are allowed to see past work to make your decision! 

4. Select your ceremony time carefully 

For most destination beach weddings, couples want the gorgeous golden light as their background. So make sure you plan your wedding around the ceremony time. You will want to have it around sunrise or sunset for that lighting! That way you can get the amazing golden light and other colors that come with the sun going up or down. Think about how long of a ceremony you want. You don’t want to start the ceremony right at sunset and then it ends up going dark before it finishes! Your wedding vendors can help with this too. Another bonus of a local vendor! We know our sunrises and sunsets very well and can help you plan out your ceremony time. 

5. Think about the logistics of a beach wedding 

As much as we’d love for our couples to be able to run down the beach with 100 of their closest friends and families and say “I Do”, there is a bit of logistical prep work before that happens! You will want to figure out if the beach you are getting married at requires an event permit. There are different rules in each county so that is something you will need to research. (Another bonus of local vendors! We can help guide you on that.) Also think about what type of setup you want. Will you want an arbor? Many florists I work with have arbors they can bring and decorate. Will guests stand on the beach or will you need to rent chairs? Will you be having a reception? If so, where and do you need to arrange for transportation? Again, all things we can help you figure out because we know the area! Especially if you are planning your beach destination wedding from another state or city. 

I hope these tips help you! So many people dream of doing a beach destination wedding, and for good reason! It’s magical and an amazing way to start your happily ever after. I am here to help you find the right resources for planning your wedding and I’d love to photograph it! Contact me today to talk about local vendor recommendations or see previous beach destination weddings I have photographed! 

I would love to help plan your happily ever after!

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