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Wedding Vendor | Shaw Lake Farms



Each month I feature one of my preferred vendors on the blog! Today we are talking with Jennifer Pisciotta with Shaw Lake Farms, a greenery farm in Pierson, Florida. Jennifer is part of the team at Shaw Lake Farms and I have worked with them on many, many, MANY weddings. I always recommend them to my couples for good reason! They are amazing to work with and I’ve valued our relationship over the years. 

Keep reading to find out how Jennifer and I met, how Shaw Lake Farms started, and her best advice to couples for their wedding day. 

Q: How was Shaw Lake Farms born ?

Mike Nolan who is the founder of Shaw Lake Farms drove a wet truck with greens and flowers to wholesale florists throughout the southeast. After working for 13 years on the road he wanted something more secure that would allow him to be home. Therefore, with all the knowledge he had gained in the floral and greens industry, he decided to start his own Greenery farm. His first crop was the well known, elegant Queen of Greens, Leather Leaf. Shaw Lake Farms has been in business for 38 years. As a result, we now have a 45-acre farm which allows us to grow 30 + varieties of ornamental foliage.

I started working with Mike about a year after we started dating. He and his daughter Heather wanted to branch out into retail. I wanted to see that dream come to fruition, of course. They were already doing the work for wholesale and floral business. After reaching out to a few of our local wedding venues, we sent out samples of our products and scheduled meetings with the venue manager. We are now the preferred vendor at 8 local venues. I fell in love with the ability to use my creativity, as well as, be a part of the family farm. We have successfully worked with and designed 27 weddings this year. 

Q: When did we start working together?

Although I love photography, the photos I was taking just weren’t enough. We needed real-life shots. I started reaching out to our local photographers asking if we could send them products for stylized shoots. It truly amazed me how difficult it was to get a response.

And out of nowhere… you sent Shaw Lake farms a Facebook message asking if we would be interested in supplying the greenery for your stylized shoots. Meanwhile, I viewed your website and I was amazed! In short, it was a match. I fell in love with your creativity, tenacity, and spirit. Most importantly, we consider you family and a huge part of Shaw Lake Farms Weddings and Events.

Q: What have you enjoyed about our working relationship?

You have a vision and know what you want… you are a trendsetter, above all. I quickly learned that wedding photography was your passion. In short, we have a true match of sharing creativity and the excitement of sharing our visions and seeing them come to life.

You take pride in creating a relaxing environment to capture the most amazing and authentic images that tell a story.

Q: How did you become a florist or were introduced to the world of florals?

In the beginning, we were only creating greenery bouquets. We quickly learned we needed to add florals to compete within the wedding market. My floral arrangements are very organic and I’m honestly self-taught. With each and every bride I learn something new. 

Q: What is your favorite part of designing wedding flowers?

I love when I create a design board for the bride, but when I see, smell, and feel all of the greenery, florals, ribbons in front of me and start working them into a bouquet …WOW… it comes to life and I know how happy the bride will be. I love when all the details come together and the bride holds her bouquet for the first time. That smile is enough. 

Q: What are some commonly asked questions you hear from brides?

If I give you a picture of a bouquet I love can you recreate it?

Yes! We can recreate anything you find on Pinterest. I love it when a bride sends me photos of their wedding day. It allows me some insight into their dream wedding.

Q: What is your top tip to brides for choosing their wedding flowers? 

Pick your dress and venue first! The wedding bouquet can seem like a small detail to wedding planning, but the flowers are an important component to the total look of your wedding day, ultimately. Picking the right bouquet will accentuate the dress. The gown and florals should match each other.

Thank you Jennifer for taking time to chat with us and give you guys tips!

You can reach Shaw Lake Farms at:


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The best tips for what to wear (and what to avoid) for your photoshoot! 

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