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Traditional Wedding Touches You Can Add to Your Elopement



Part of why I love elopements so much is because they are so different from traditional weddings! There truly are no rules to elopements but it is understandable that couples would also want to incorporate some traditional touches into their elopement. You might not want to host 300 guests but you may want to have a few traditional moments on your wedding day! I have a great list of ideas to bring those touches into your elopement. 

1. Have a first look.

You may not be walking down an aisle during your elopement and a first look allows you to have that Pinterest worthy “aha!” moment! You can choose to read each other a letter here, exchange a gift, or simply see each other for the first time on your wedding day! This is a great way to have a traditional moment during your elopement. 

2. Get a bridal bouquet.

You can still have gorgeous florals for your elopement! However, instead of having to budget for centerpieces or bridesmaid bouquets, you can opt to just have a bridal bouquet. You could also have a boutonniere or an arbor at your elopement spot. Florals are one of my favorite details on a wedding day and you can still have that with an elopement.

3. Pick out cupcakes in place of a wedding cake.

Wedding cupcake

You might not have a full wedding cake but you can still share that traditional first piece of cake together! Cupcakes are easy and portable so you can take them to any elopement spot and eat them after the ceremony. Plus who doesn’t like cupcakes? 

4. Have a champagne toast.

Champagne wedding toast during elopement

With a traditional wedding, you may have toasts and speeches during the reception and won’t have that with an elopement. But you can still have the fun bubbly part with a champagne toast! Pop the champagne and toast to your happily ever after. Then finish it off with that cupcake! 

5. Share a first dance.

You don’t have to have a DJ and dance floor to have a first dance together! We can bring a bluetooth speaker and play your first dance song on the beach, at the park, or on a mountain. I don’t think any couple regrets having a first dance and after your elopement, whenever your song comes on it will remind you of your wedding day. 

Those are a few ways to include some of those traditional touches to your elopement. As with any wedding, the day is all about you and your partner and celebrating your love in the most genuine way possible. If you need help brainstorming other ways to bring traditional touches to your elopement, contact me! Or if you even want help selecting a bakery to grab your cupcakes from, I’m always down for that.

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