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Unplugged Wedding?

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Having an unplugged wedding allows photographers to capture the special moments on your wedding day. Photographers can work around a lot of things, the weather and handling schedule changes. One thing photographers can’t work around is when guests get in the way of a perfect shot. They won’t have to worry about guests accidentally jumping in front of their camera to get their own shot. Many couples are asking guests to put their phones and cameras away for their wedding or at least during specific times such as during the ceremony.

Why have an unplugged wedding?

You want your guests to have a good time and really be there to celebrate the joyous occasion. This can be difficult if they are more concerned about the pictures they are trying to take. Additionally, this can be a huge hindrance for photographers. Some of the reason you might want to consider an unplugged wedding when it comes to the photographer include:

Wedding ceremony restrictions –

Many churches have restrictions about where the photographer can stand to shoot. Photographers are most often limited to capture your union from the back of the church or aisle. When guests are popping up in the aisle taking their pictures, during such moments as the first kiss. There is nothing we can do to ask them to step aside or out of the way.

Taking up wedding portrait time-

When I am trying to get through the shot list of portraits it can be difficult when they have to stop and wait for everyone to capture the same pose. This can cut into the time we have to take these images. This could result in you not getting all the photos on your list.

Flash during your wedding

Nothing can be worse than a photographer getting ready to capture a once in a lifetime shot of the bride and groom. In turn, the shot is ruined by someone else’s flash. Having multiple flashes fire can completely blow out the image. As a result, leaving harsh shadows and there is little the photographer can do even with editing to try and fix this.

You don’t have to go unplugged for your entire wedding day. You’ll want your guests to take have the opportunity to take some fun shots at the reception after all. But, during the ceremony, portraits, and special moments like your first dance you may want to consider asking your guests to put down their camera and just be there in the moment with you.

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The best tips for what to wear (and what to avoid) for your photoshoot! 

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