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Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Vow Renewal



Vow renewals are something that I don’t think are talked about enough and I want to change that! They are a special way to show commitment to your partner. It can also give you things that you may have missed out on, on your wedding day. My husband and I actually did a vow renewal after 10 years of marriage. We plan to do one every 10 years, so I have personal experience in how great they are too. Let’s dive into my top 3 reasons to consider doing a vow renewal. 

1. Your wedding wasn’t what you planned 

For some couples, when they look back on their wedding day, it may not be what they wish they would have had. I know for myself, I wish I would have had photos that showcased my husband and me more on our wedding day. I know others had an elopement and couldn’t have their dream florist or photographer. You may have had a courthouse wedding and secretly dreamed of getting married in a church or outside at your favorite spot.

While marriage is much deeper than the wedding day, it’s completely normal to wish you could do some things differently when you look back on your wedding day. A vow renewal is a perfect time to have those things you missed out on! It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal or expensive either. You could have your dream bouquet made you wish you would have had. You can go to the location you weren’t able to or hire the photographer for the photos you deserve. My husband and I went to Hawaii for our vow renewal. I was so excited to hire a photographer who would capture more photos of the two of us! 

2. Celebrate your commitment 

Marriage is hard work, commitment, and dedication between two people. I truly think that is something to celebrate. Over the years, you and your partner grow and mature. Both of you may be completely different people than you were when you first said “I Do.”

Many people don’t understand the true meaning of the vows they are saying on their wedding day. After being married and truly understanding what those vows meant, it’s a celebration to still continue to choose each other day after day! Whether you two worked through some hardships and came out stronger than ever or you have just loved the life you’ve lived together. A vow renewal is a celebration of that commitment you’ve made and continue to make. I know for myself, it helped my marriage and relationship grow after our vow renewal. It showed we were still committed after 10 years and I do think it reignited our fire! 

3. Include friends and family 

This goes along with my first tip. There may have been family members or friends who weren’t able to attend your wedding. A vow renewal is a perfect way to include them! My husband and I’s families live in Hawaii, so many of them couldn’t attend our wedding in Florida. It was so sweet to have our vow renewal in Hawaii. I had family attend that weren’t able to be there on our wedding day. It was also incredibly special to include our kids in our ceremony. You may have new friends in your life that you didn’t even know when you got married or children that you’ve now raised together! Having a vow renewal lets you include your children witness all the love that you two have for each other. How amazing is that???

Overall, I think vow renewals are incredibly special and marriage should be celebrated. The love and commitment you and your partner share is reason enough to have one. I hope my other 3 reasons gave you more insight into vow renewals.

If you have any questions about vow renewals or would like to start planning one, contact me here! I would love to help.

Check out Kathleen & David’s 10-year vow renewal in San Diego, CA at Sunset Cliffs. Happy Anniversary to these two special people!


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