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Wedding Day Tips: How to Stay on Time

Wedding Tips


I want to share a few wedding day tips on how to stay on time on your wedding day. One of the parts of a wedding day that I don’t think is always talked about, is how often weddings can run behind the day of. It may not seem like a big deal to be a few minutes behind. But on a wedding day even being behind 30 minutes can really throw a wrench into your day; especially with photos.

The biggest way to think about time on a wedding day is that any place you are running behind takes time off of something else on your day. Especially when you think about photography because you book a certain number of hours in your package! Running 30 minutes behind at one point in the day means that you are missing out on 30 minutes elsewhere in your timeline. This can affect how much time you have for family pictures, bridal portraits, etc. 

The positive is that there are ways to help make sure your day stays on time! I have attended more weddings than the average person and photographed them. So I know a few tips that will help keep your wedding day on time, running smoothly, and will ensure you have time to have the important moments captured. 

1. Have a timeline 

This is going to be my number one tip because timelines are incredibly important! They help you, your bridal party, family, and other vendors know where to be and when. It also will help us with photography because we will be able to block out enough time for the photos that are important to you. I’m happy to help with your timeline and depending on how many hours you booked with me I can show you examples of other timelines for that package. Even if you are having a smaller elopement, timelines are important. Whether we are creating a timeline for 1 hour or 8 hours, it will help keep your day on time and get you the photos you want. 

2. Hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator

To go along with my first tip, a wedding planner or day-of coordinator will create a timeline for you. Also, he or she will be there the day of to make sure the timeline is being stuck to! If working on a timeline yourself seems overwhelming, a wedding planner could be a great investment for you. They will work with all of your vendors to let them know where they need to be and when. They will also make sure your day keeps with the flow of things. Lastly, they’ll help handle any issues that may arise on your wedding day that could change the timeline. 

3. Let family know where to be

Once you have a timeline created, you will want to let your immediate family know where and when they need to be. For example, you’ll want to let your mom know what time she needs to be ready to help zip you into your dress for photos. Or let your dad know what time he needs to arrive for the first look with you. If family members are arriving for photos before the ceremony, let them know when and where they need to meet. Having those people who are in photos know the timeline helps to ensure that they will be there. You’ll be able to stay on track. 

4. Have your hair and makeup done first 

As the bride, you will want to have your hair and makeup done first! Sometimes hair and makeup may run behind. We want to make sure that the bride is done first. So, we can do other photos if need be. I would suggest going first to have your hair and makeup done when I arrive for photos. If hair and makeup is running behind for a bridesmaid, we can do other photos with you while we wait.

There you have it, 4 easy tips to help stay on time during your wedding day! I never want brides and grooms to feel stressed out on their wedding day. Staying on time will definitely help to alleviate any stress. I’m happy to go over a timeline with you as your photographer. We can talk about making sure the flow of your wedding makes the best sense. Contact me today to talk about your timeline! 


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