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Wedding Games for Your Reception



Thinking about wedding games for your reception? I have been to my fair share of weddings and have seen all different types of receptions. But one thing that remains fairly consistent through all receptions is some type of game. It makes sense! You have your family and friends gathered in one space and want to keep them entertained for a full night. I think games are a great way to get your guests interacting, to have fun, and for them to get to know you two even better. So I decided to round up some top wedding games to play at your reception! 

1. The Shoe Game 

I would say this is probably the most popular reception game out there. The DJ has a list of questions that they will ask the couple. The couple will sit back to back on the dance floor, each holding one of their shoes. When the DJ asks questions such as “Who said I love you first?” the couple will hold up the shoe of the person that they believe said I love you first. They aren’t able to see what shoe their partner is holding up but your guests will, which makes for a lot of laughs! 

2. I Spy  

This would be a super fun one to do with disposable cameras or polaroids but cell phone cameras work too. Have a list at each table of photos you want guests to hunt down “I Spy” style such as a group selfie, the couple kissing, a person laughing, etc. Wedding photographers capture the important things and candid shots, but having extra cameras for guests lets you relive your night through their eyes. Have a hashtag for them to share their photos to if they use cell phones! 

3. Wedding Mad Lib 

This is another way to keep guests entertained and involved. Have printed wedding mad lib templates at each seat for guests to get creative with and give you guys fun advice. You can find templates for funny wedding vows, advice for a long marriage, or even date ideas. 

4. Wedding Bingo 

wedding game bingo speech

You can do several versions of wedding bingo. You can play wedding bingo during the speeches. If you want to get your guests moving around and meeting new people, you could do wedding bingo. Have bingo cards set up at each seat with items like “tattoo”, “played college baseball” and “is left-handed”? Guests will mingle with others to try and check off their bingo cards. If someone did play college baseball, they will initial the bingo card for the player. The first person to get a bingo could take home a centerpiece or get a free drink at the bar! 

5. Yard Games 

wedding game jenga

This is a super easy one to get people out of their chairs and helps fill time while you are off taking photos! Have life size Yahtzee, Jenga, Connect Four, cornhole, and a ring toss set up. This is a great way to give guests something to do during cocktail hour and the kids can play when the adults are inside dancing or listening to toasts. 

I hope this gave you some ideas for must-haves during your wedding reception. Remember that all the people are there for you two and to celebrate your love above all. They will be happy just to be there and see you, but it’s fun to have some entertainment too!

I would love to celebrate with you on your big day! Contact me today to discuss your happily ever after!


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