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Find the Perfect Officiant for Your Wedding

Wedding Tips


Finding the perfect officiant for your wedding can be stressful. An officiant is one of the many vendors that you’re going to need on your wedding day. While you do need someone there to legally bring you together, an officiant can also fill a more religious or spiritual role too.

There are many different types of officiants for you to choose from, including priests, pastors, and rabbis. You can also be married by a civil officiant such as a court clerk, magistrate, or judge. You may even have a friend or family member who’s ordained.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Officiant

So what should soon-to-be-married couples look for in an officiant? Here are a few tips to help you along.

  • Start your search.

    Once you’ve agreed on the type of officiant you want to marry you, it’s time to begin the search for the right person. A good place to start is to ask family and friends for referrals or recommendations. Otherwise, there are a number of great online directories that you can turn to. If you are going to use a friend or family member, be sure that they’re comfortable speaking in front of others and would actually like to be a part of your wedding.

  • Setup a meeting.

    If you’re choosing an officiant that is already a part of your church or spiritual community, setting up a meeting is more about discussing the day than getting to know them. If you’re choosing someone you’ve never met before, it’s important to set up a meeting so that you can decide if they’re the right fit for you as a couple.

  • Discuss what will be said.

    It’s never a good idea to let an officiant plan your ceremony alone. You should always know what is going to be said. Tell your officiant about anything you do or don’t want to be mentioned. An example is if you would prefer the officiant to not make silly jokes, you need to mention this to them ahead of time.

  • Always have a backup.

    Life happens and your officiant could get sick or cancel so it helps to have a backup. Having a backup will also place a little less pressure on you in the days leading up to your wedding.

Your officiant should always be someone who you are both completely comfortable with and who is well suited to you as a couple. Don’t rush your decision – it’s an important one.

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