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Wedding Planners: Do I Need One?



Today we are talking about why you should hire a wedding planner! This blog is one that I think will really help you out if you are planning a wedding. Some people know about wedding planners but aren’t quite sure what they really do to help out or why they should hire one. That’s why I wanted to create this blog post for you and give you my top 3 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner.

1. Wedding Planners Know Their Stuff

This first reason is really a major bonus to hiring a wedding planner. How I put it; they know the stuff to know. For example, most beaches in the Destin area will require a permit to get married on the beach. You may not have known that or may not know how to go about getting a permit! But your wedding planner will know it all. They also will know how much time you should allot for hair and makeup, they know which wedding vendors are available and fit within your budget, and they know when you need to get your marriage license. They are all knowing when it comes to weddings and that is a huge bonus! You won’t need to stress about the small things or figuring out the big things, because your wedding planner will already have it taken care of. 

2. Wedding Planners Can Suggest Other Vendors

This is a huge reason to hire a wedding planner. Not only because they know the best vendors, but they have probably worked with them, can give you inside knowledge on the best ones, and probably know them personally and will be able to recommend the vendors that you will mesh well with and fit in your budget. Wedding planners work with all sorts of vendors throughout the different weddings they help plan. They are going to know who is reliable and does the best work. That’s insight that is well worth paying for! 

3. Wedding Planners Keep Track So You Can Relax 

Finally, a huge reason to hire a wedding planner is so you can relax. Seriously. That in itself is worth its weight in gold as a bride or groom! Your wedding planner is going to be able to check in with your vendors before your wedding day, delegate duties, and keep your day running on time the day of the wedding. They know what everyone is supposed to be doing so that you don’t have to. No one should ever be bugging the bride or groom the day of their wedding asking where the cake needs to be placed or what time cocktail hour starts. Your wedding planner will shield all of those questions and know all the answers. And if they don’t know, they’ll figure it out because that’s their job! 

I truly think that hiring a wedding planner is the ticket to stress-free planning and a relaxed wedding day. They are there to help you plan! I believe it’s an investment that is completely worth it and I’m happy to recommend some of my favorite wedding planners! Contact me today!

Here are a few of my favorite Wedding Planners in Destin, Florida.

Jillian Rose Events

Melinda Orona Events

The Eventful Planner


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