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Top 3 Wedding Venues in 30A



Are you looking for wedding venues in 30A? Do you want to know what my top 3 wedding venues are? I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world and having access to the beach, ocean, rooftops, chapels, and gardens all within one small area is something I’ll never take for granted! Every wedding is different and each couple has a unique vision. There’s no one right way to start your happily ever after, which is why I’m so excited to show you my top 3 options that can fit so many different visions, all along 30A!

1. The Pointe

The Pointe is a top favorite for this city girl for many reasons. One huge reason is that they are one of the few venues with a rooftop space for your ceremony or reception! I am a city girl at heart and love the vibe of photos you get in the city. You get that at The Pointe! There is the skyscraper feel on top of the rooftop and beautiful views of 30A. The Pointe also offers a great variety of other ceremony and reception options. They have set up tables around the pool for receptions and have indoor space as well. A great bonus is that guests can book hotel rooms and you can have your bridal suite here! Everything can be in one place which makes from getting ready all the way to the end of the night party easy and stress-free.

2. The Chapel at Seaside 

The Chapel at Seaside is a beautiful option for my couples who want to be married in a church setting but also want the incredible modern aesthetic that comes with The Chapel. This venue is a dream for your photographs as well! The Chapel is painted white and has the iconic architecture of a southern church while still being modern. They have huge windows for amazing natural light and you just feel so peaceful in The Chapel. They have a pastor who specializes in interdenominational weddings so I also love how inclusive they are of all beliefs. 

3. Aly’s Beach 

Aly’s Beach is an incredible option for a wedding venue. They have 6 different locations just on their property for your ceremony! Whether you are looking for a traditional beachfront ceremony or a more moody and romantic indoor location, Aly’s Beach offers it. They have incredible architecture that is top-notch and the greenery surrounding the location pops against their white buildings. Again, a picturesque background for your wedding photographs! Aly’s Beach is going to be an amazing option for my couples who are looking for something that is higher end for their wedding day. 

That is a round-up of my top 3 wedding venues in 30A! This scenic route can not be beat for a wedding! I’m happy to discuss these venue options with any of my couples or go on tours so we can map out the best location for your ceremony and reception. If you have any questions about these venues or 30A overall please reach out to me.

I would love to help plan your happily ever after!

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