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Best Destin Beach Photography Locations

Family Portraits


I want to talk about the best Destin beach photography locations. Family photo season is going to quickly be upon us! From spring to fall, so many families are taking their family portraits. They are one of my favorite things to photograph! I have lots of great tips for family portraits. Such as how to prepare for your family photos and outfit do’s and don’ts. So I thought today I would help answer one of my top asked questions when it comes to family photos; where should we take them?

Of course in Destin, the beach is a pretty obvious choice! But we have so many great oceanfront options, that I wanted to break them down for you. Here are some of my top beach picks for your family photos! 

1. Henderson Beach State Park 

First up, we have Henderson Beach. Not only does this location have a beach but it has sand dunes! There’s also a wooden boardwalk. So if you want some ocean photos but like the idea of a variety of backgrounds, this could be a great location option. One thing to note is there is also a small fee for vehicles since it’s a state park. 

2. HarborWalk 

This location will be a bit different. It’s because you can choose to go closer to the water via the boat docks or stay up on the walkway. One stand-out part of this area is the lighthouse along the walk! If that is your thing, it would be a great location for photos. Especially because you can see the ocean in the background. 

3. Cerulean Park 

This is not quite a beach location but there is water and it’s too pretty not to include! This location is actually located at the WaterColor Inn & Resort but is open to the public. There is a gorgeous path lined with trees and flowers and follows along next to a water feature. While this is different from a beach, it’s filled with greenery and still has water areas. If you’re looking for something a bit different than a beach, I think this would be the spot for you! 

4. 30A

If you want a large pick of beaches, 30A is the spot! This area actually includes 3 standout locations that I want to point out. 

  • Grayton Beach State Park is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the US. It’s right in our own backyard! This is a gorgeous and clean beach. If you’re thinking white sand and blue ocean for your photos, this could be the place for you. One thing to note is there is a small fee for vehicles since it’s a state park.
  • Rosemary Beach is a beach closer towards Panama City. I think the standout of this location are the super cute houses along the beach! Of course, there is gorgeous sand and water! But the houses really are picturesque here and remind me of something straight out of a movie. 
  • Baytowne Wharf is on the opposite end of 30A. And like Rosemary Beach, also has a cute backdrop of houses but it is different. It’s actually called The Village of Baytowne Wharf and that’s exactly what it looks like! So you can have pictures on the ocean but also up in the village if you’d like. 

That’s a round-up of some locations I think you might love for your next family photos! Ultimately we’re lucky to have so many gorgeous beaches around us. Any of these Destin beach photography locations that you pick off of this list would be perfect backdrops! 

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