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Featured Destin Florist: Destin Floral Designs



Looking for a Destin florist?

If you guys know me, you know I absolutely love florals! They are one of my favorite things to photograph, besides my beautiful couples of course! I love working with florists who are good people and create unique and stunning work. That’s exactly the type of florist that Jenny Hemsworth-Segno is. Jenny owns Destin Floral Designs in Destin, FL. Jenny has been in the floral industry for 23 years and knows a thing or two about weddings not to mention has received numerous awards for her amazing work!

Get to know Jenny, how we started working together, and her recommendations on wedding florals for couples in our Q&A below!

Q: Do you remember how we met? It seems like we’ve been working together forever!  

Yes! You reached out to me through Instagram. You had checked out my Instagram page and were looking for a florist to collaborate with on a styled shoot. I was excited to create styles that I liked to do along with receiving professional photos of my work instead of my iPhone photos. We started with a stylized shoot and have developed a friendship. 

Q: How has it been for us to work together?  

It’s been great! We’ve been able to recommend our brides to each other knowing so well what each other’s work is like. You feel really comfortable recommending that person to someone you’re working with.

Q: So what brought you to the world of florals and weddings? 

I started working at a flower shop when I was fifteen. My mom would drive me to the flower shop after school and I would work there until 8 pm! After high school I went to school for interior design. I did kitchen and bath design and missed getting my hands dirty and creating something with my hands. That’s when I decided to get back into the flower business. 

Q: What are some things couples should keep in mind when searching for a wedding florist? 

I would say definitely check out photos of past work. Not just sending a photo of something you want them to do but actually seeing real work they have done. Reading online reviews. I think it’s important to click with them. That your personalities work together. It’s a big day in your life and I think it’s beneficial if your personalities click!

Q: What is your favorite part of doing wedding flowers? 

That each one is unique. Each couple is as unique as what they choose for their florals. I think that’s my favorite part. Nothing is a carbon copy of the one before. Being able to do a variety of things. And to be part of one of the most important days in someone’s life!

Q: What are some tips you’d give couples when selecting flowers? 

I would say to take into consideration your style. What style do you want? Figure out the grand scheme of the style and we can fill in the details as we go. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, what the weather will be like, what the conditions are, those are all things we’ll take into consideration. 

Winter themed bridal bouquet made by Destin Floral Designs in Miramar Beach, FL

Thank you Jenny for taking time to chat with us and give you guys tips!

If you are looking for the best Destin Florist, you have found the right company, Destin Floral Designs!

Destin Wedding Florist

You can contact Jenny at:

Phone: 850-654-4646

I would love to help plan your happily ever after!

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