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Top 3 Reasons You Should Book an Engagement Session



We are talking about engagement sessions today! Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph for good reason. They are so fun, the couples are in the best mood because they’re engaged, and we get to focus on the couple 100%. I truly believe that every couple should have an engagement session. Today I am breaking down my top 3 reasons why you should book one!

1. Meet your photographer 

The huge bonus of an engagement session is that we get to meet before your wedding! Instead of having a stranger show up on your wedding day, we get to meet beforehand, work together, and have fun. We build a relationship so that it’s not awkward when I arrive on your wedding day! You’re able to feel what it’s like to have me direct you from behind the camera. I get to know your personalities better, and overall we just get to know each other more. I am with you for every moment throughout your entire wedding day. That’s something no one else will be there for! So it’s important for us to know each other and feel comfortable together. 

2. Get comfortable being in front of the camera at your engagement session

Let me say this first and foremost, you don’t have to be a model to have beautiful photos of you and your partner. It’s my job to direct you, help you feel comfortable, and guide you throughout your engagement session and wedding day photos. However, it can be awkward to be in front of the camera at first! People are always telling me they are nervous to take photos and are scared they’ll look awkward. A way to shake away those nerves is to get in front of the camera before your wedding day! You’ll get the hang of me clicking away at you. Having me third wheel your intimate moments before your actual wedding day. I truly think it will help you feel more relaxed on your wedding day. To know that you’re already comfortable in front of the camera from your engagement session. 

3. Know what to expect on your wedding day

This is a great reason to have an engagement session! We’ll know each other more and you’ll feel comfortable in front of the camera, but most importantly you’ll know what to expect. You’ll already know the poses that I put you in and the direction I’ll be using on your wedding day. If there was a pose you didn’t love from your engagement session. I will know not to do that on your wedding day! If you are absolutely in love with a few poses we did. I’ll know to do those during your bridal portraits. It helps both of us have an idea of what you like. That will bleed into loving your wedding photos even more. 

BONUS: You get to use them for your Save the Dates and wedding invitations! 

These are my top 3 reasons that you should book an engagement session! If you are still on the fence, reach out to me. I’d love to talk you through any questions or concerns you have. I will tell you, I haven’t had anyone tell me they regret having an engagement session. It’s another chance for you two to document this special time in your life and that’s worth it alone! If you have already booked a wedding package with me and would like to add an engagement session, contact me! I will be happy to get one added.

Engagement Session on top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ

Your happily ever after starts with an engagement session!

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