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Micro Weddings



Today I’m talking all about micro weddings! What they are and why you should consider one? Especially during the age of COVID-19, I know that so many couples are opting out of their original wedding plans and are looking at postponing or eloping. Another option to look at is having a micro wedding, especially if you don’t want to postpone your wedding. And this doesn’t apply to just COVID-19 couples! Believe it or not, micro weddings have been around before the Corona Virus. It’s an amazing option I’m glad is being talked about more.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a wedding with 50 guests or less, typically with your closest family and friends in attendance. I like to think of it as an in-between of an elopement and a traditional wedding. A micro wedding has the intimacy of an elopement but the traditional wedding feel to the day. With an elopement, many couples buck a lot of the traditions that come with a traditional wedding day. An elopement is focusing on you two getting married (as any wedding day should). But with a micro wedding, there is still an emphasis on your guests and that traditional experience, as well as you and your partner!

Micro Wedding in Miramar Beach, FLorida at the Royal Palm Grille

Why Are People Opting For Micro Weddings?

I really do think that a micro wedding can be the best of both worlds! For people who love the idea of eloping but can’t let go of that traditional wedding dream! One of my absolute favorite parts of an elopement is how intimate they are. You get that with a micro wedding. Having a smaller guest list gives you more time to focus on you and your partner. Since you won’t have to spread yourself thin to a larger number of guests to mingle with and talk to.

It’s an amazing way to have that traditional day you dreamed of but on a scale that is more affordable! Maybe you dreamed of a grand wedding your whole life with a catered meal that is served to you, flowers on every table, and unique favors. A micro wedding could be the perfect option for you to have everything you want, but keep it affordable! Instead of catering a meal for 200 or more people, purchasing gifts, and having flower arrangements for upwards of 50 tables, you could have your exact vision but for 50 or fewer people! Number wise, it truly does help with a budget but can let you have as big or grand of a vision as you want.

Destin Micro Wedding | Royal Palm Grille | Jennifer g Photography

Is a Micro Wedding Right For You?

Sit down with your partner and discuss what is most important to you both for your wedding day. Look at elopements, micro weddings, and traditional wedding days. Discuss what you like about each option or what you feel you may be missing with each option. There is no right or wrong answer here! You can pick and choose from each type of wedding day to make your day feel completely unique and true to you. Elopements and micro weddings may feel “trendy” to some of your relatives. But stick to what you both want and what feels right. This is your special day!!! It’s all about celebrating your love and union in whichever way you want!

I think micro weddings are the perfect in-between for any couple. A great compromise if one of you is wanting to elope and the other really wants a traditional wedding. There are no rules when it comes to your wedding. So focus on what you both want and the right option will open up to you. I’m also here to help with any questions!

If you need help deciding which option is best for you or wondering about photography coverage for an elopement or micro wedding, I’m your girl! Send me a message today and let’s start talking about your happily ever after!

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