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Miramar Beach Engagement Session | Kaylie + Michael



You don’t have to ask me twice to head to Miramar Beach to photograph an engagement session! In fact, it’s my happy place! That’s where I photographed Kaylie and Michael, and I’d say it was an absolute dream session in every way.

We headed to the beach at around 7, which is just about an hour before sunset, which allowed us to have the most amazing lighting, especially that golden light that I absolutely love! The color of the Gulf of Mexico water was a beautiful emerald green. Obviously, they don’t call this area the Emerald Coast for nothing!

“Michael’s family owns a condo in Miramar Beach and he has grown up vacationing there since he was a baby.  We spend a couple of weeks there every year, and it has become a very special place for both of us. So, we thought it would be the perfect place to take our engagement photos,” said Kaylie.

I’m right there with you! Why not have your engagement session in Miramar beach? With amazing white sand, emerald green waters, and the beautiful sunsets.

Kaylie wore the cutest outfit, which included white universal threads ripped jeans and blue j crew tank top. Of course, she looked absolutely adorable. Then Michael opted for an orange/peach shirt and blue shorts from the banana republic, which complimented Kaylie’s outfit perfectly! Don’t you just love how cute they are? And how about their expressions when they look at one another?

I could seriously feel the love radiating off these two, who met 6 years ago working at the same company. Their first date was at a Nashville Predators game! Unfortunately, Kaylie moved away the very next day! What a bummer! But, they kept in touch and 6 months later she moved back. Clearly, the rest is history!

Want to know how he proposed?

I don’t know about you but I love hearing these stories! Well, Kaylie was visiting her parents in Minnesota. They went out for a walk and on the path at the park was, you guessed it, Michael. Of course, Kaylie had no clue he was in Minnesota. The best part, he proposed exactly 6 years, to the day, from their first date! So sweet!!

And I just HAVE to show you the ring!

For their wedding day, which will be in April 2021, these two lovebirds are heading to Allenbrooke Farms near Nashville, TN! I have no doubts that it’s going to be a beautiful day full of sunshine, love, and joy!

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