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Top 3 Wedding Photographer Questions

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Today’s blog is going to be focusing on the top 3 wedding photographer questions frequently asked, including me. These are questions that are often asked and with good reason. Because knowing and understanding the answers to these three wedding photographer questions will help set up great expectations between us and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you book! 

1. Can we get the RAW (or unedited) photos?

Ok, guys, the short answer is no. But let me explain why! RAW, or unedited, photos are just that; raw. They have not been edited or touched at all. A big reason that I think most couples ask this question is because they are wanting to make sure they get all the best photos from their wedding day and don’t want to miss any great moments. So let me help ease that concern first! 

As wedding photographers, we are always going to deliver you the best photos from your wedding day. We want you to feel like a supermodel when you see your photos and be able to laugh, cry, and smile in the best ways when you get your gallery. That is why we cull (or go through) the photos and select the best ones. What I mean by “the best ones” is all of the photos that you would WANT to be in your gallery! Culling essentially means that we are taking out all of the “bad” photos from the pictures we captured. Any photos where you’re blinking or your partner is sneezing, etc. Those photos are the ones that we are culling out of your gallery, thus leaving only the best photos! So you are sure to receive all of the photos that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

The other reason I do not offer up RAW photos to my clients, is because it’s like delivering you a job half done. When you are hiring me as your wedding photographer, you are not only hiring me to capture your wedding day, but also to edit your photos professionally! RAW photos are not edited at all. They don’t capture the lighting, skin tones, or coloring correctly. They aren’t magical! Taking your photos is only half of the job. Editing them is the second half and it’s where the magic comes in!

2. Can you change your editing style for us? 

Again, the short answer is no but I’m going to explain why! This question very much so connects to the previous one. When you hire me as your photographer, you are also hiring me for my editing style! A great way to think of this, is to think about wedding photos you see on Pinterest. There are so many beautiful ones, and each one is in a different editing style. That’s because each photographer has their own unique way of editing. 

There are photographers who are considered “dark and moody”, “light and airy”, “true to life”, and everything in between! Each photographer has found an editing style that works for them and that’s what clients will come to expect from their editing. So for this reason, I do not adjust my editing to each couples preference. What I will do is let you see full galleries before you book with me so that you can see what my editing style is like and it will help you imagine what your own photos will look like. Picking a photographer who has an editing style that you love is just as important as picking a photographer that you love! 

3. Do you work off of a shot list? 

You may be sensing a theme to these questions, because again, the answer is no. Of course I will explain why! A shot list is often a large list of photos that the couple wants to ensure is in their wedding gallery. An example would be below: 

  • Brides ring 
  • Bride and Grooms ring 
  • Grooms ring 
  • Bride and Grooms ring with jewelry 
  • Bride and Grooms ring with bouquet 

Now I’m not necessarily saying that shot lists are a bad thing and some photographers do ask for them! But the reason I don’t work off of shot lists, is because I believe it can take away from some of the magic of capturing your wedding day as it happens.

Before I go further, I want to assure you that I capture the important photos and always make sure to get the type of wedding photos that you will want to look back on and remember! But that also includes moments that you won’t be able to write on a list. For example, if I’m so busy checking off a variety of ring shots, I may miss the way your mom is tearing up as she watches you get your makeup finished. That doesn’t mean I won’t get a ring shot! It just means that I’ll get a ring shot but also have the creative flexibility to capture the moments that truly matter, along with the other photos. 

Of course, if there is a photo that is important to you, we will capture it! For example, some brides request a veil shot or ask to have a generation photo with the women in their family. I definitely want you to tell me about those photos that I may not otherwise think of that are particular to you. But, you are also hiring a professional to capture the magic of your wedding day. That includes having the creative freedom to capture the day so it tells a story! 

Alright guys, I hope these answers help give you a better understanding about these frequently asked wedding photographer questions. Also what you’re getting when hiring a professional wedding photographer! If you have any further questions, please contact me

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