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Beach Proposal | Henderson Beach State Park | Kim & Marc



I have a super fun blog post for you guys today! I was able to capture a surprise beach proposal for Kim and Marc. These two had actually modeled for me a year before. So Marc and I set up another fake photoshoot but this time it ended in a real ring! Little did Kim know she actually cancelled her proposal quite a few times! Keep reading to hear their whole story. 

How did you two meet?

We met at work in October of 2017 at Eglin AFB, FL. We’re both Air Force nurses. I (Kim) had already been stationed there for one year and Marc was just moving to Florida. We started (secretly) dating in March 2018 because we worked on the same shift.

What was your first impression of each other?

Kim: Marc claims he saw me first at work and thought I looked cute even in “scrubs”. I thought Marc was a bit of an ass but he grew on me and I realized he just really cared about his job. He really won me over when I was going through a really hard time in life and with work. Even though it was pretty early on in our relationship, he stuck with me through it all and was supportive. He was here for me whenever I needed him and that’s really what made me fall for him. 

What is your favorite date night?

We love hitting happy hour at sunset and having dinner on the harbor with the ocean views. However, that will definitely change now that we are moving to Germany!

Marc, how did you know you were ready to propose?

I had thought about it for a while. We had occasional talks of the future, but there just came a moment when I couldn’t imagine life without her, and I knew it was time to take the next steps. 

Marc, what made you contact me to photograph the beach proposal?

I see the amazing photos you take and knew you’re the best choice. You also had booked us about a year earlier for a mock wedding shoot for The Henderson, which was a hilarious time, so I was very comfortable and knew we would get the best quality photos. 

Kim, did you have any idea what was going on?

Honestly I had no clue. I had been snooping and poking fun at Marc for a couple of months. I didn’t know he had even found a ring yet! Right before the photoshoot I even jokingly patted him down and luckily he kept everything well hidden. I did see a moment of panic on his face when I did it! I know Marc hates pictures so I chalked it up to him being forced to do another photoshoot. 

Tell me about the beach proposal story! 

Marc: Once I had the ring, I contacted Jen to set up a “photoshoot” as a cover story. I wanted to make sure that we captured the moment, and that Kim would have absolutely no idea. We used the idea of a Christmas card photo shoot to really throw her off. The planning started in October. We booked several sessions, but Kim always cancelled at the last second. She either had horrible nail color choices or she got called into work. Luckily Jen was always understanding and flexible with us. 

Kim had no idea how crazy she was driving me, literally cancelling her proposal over and over! For example, right before we were about to do a shoot in November I had dropped her off at the nail salon to get her nails done. She called me asking what color she should get. I said the normal nude color….so of course, she came home with GREEN nails and said “Please never propose to me with these nails.” 

Finally, in December, we were able to get to the shoot. Kim tried cancelling one last time, but I begged her to just get it over with so we could mail the Christmas cards. We showed up to Henderson Beach at sunset, with props and smiles ready to go. I totally threw her off by wearing antlers and Christmas PJ’s. We changed back into formal clothes and took a stroll up the trail and continued to take photos. Jen asked Kim to pose for some personal photos. Her back was turned so I got down on one knee and surprised her. After a few tears, she finally said yes! 

What are you guys most excited about for wedding planning?

Kim: The opportunity to get all of our friends and family together. Marc’s family is from the west coast and mine is from the east coast. With our friends all around the world and us stationed in Germany, it really gives us all the opportunity to come together in celebration. 

I’m so happy I was able to be there for Kim and Marc and capture such a special moment for them! Contact me to discuss your beach proposal.

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