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Each month I feature one of my preferred Destin wedding vendors on the blog! For this week’s featured vendor post, I sat down with Cameron Zane of Storyteller Visuals. He is a destination videographer based in Destin, FL. Cameron has a way of capturing video that truly transports you back to your wedding day. I’m so happy to have him here today to talk to you guys about videography! 

Q: Do you remember how we started working together? 

You and I met for the first time when we worked at a Destin wedding together back in 2016. I remember we worked really well together and had fun getting creative shots with the couple. We even did some astrophotography towards the end of the night.

Q: What is a partnership like between a photographer and videographer?

It’s a great arrangement. You get in a rhythm working with someone and it makes the wedding day flow nicely. For example, knowing shots you like to get during the ceremony allows me to set up my cameras in places I know won’t be in your way and also where you won’t get in my shots. It’s very mutually beneficial!

Q: What are some common questions people have for you about videography?

The most common questions I get about videography is: 

1. What is your process?

2. What is your turnaround time?

My answers to those questions are:

1.) My intent with every video I create is to tell your story. So part of my process is being prepared to do that. Before the wedding, I ask if the couple will be writing letters to each other or writing personal vows. If not I’ll see if they’re interested in doing interviews! Another question I might ask is? Who is giving speeches at the reception? And see if I can help out to ensure it’ll be something I can use in the video. So any type of pre-planning like that I’m all about. I love being ready and having a game plan ahead of time.

2.) Over the years I’ve grown more and more efficient at my craft and that includes editing the videos. I’ve always pushed myself to edit my videos faster without sacrificing quality. My goal is a 2-4 week turnaround time.

Q: What do you think videography brings to a wedding day along with photography? 

I think Photography will always be a top priority for couples and rightfully so. Pictures are able to capture those moments in time that fly by on your wedding day.

I’m happy that video is now also making its way up the priority list. Wedding videos bring something different than photographs. They allow you to replay those moments and emotions. Weddings are a big deal! They take a lot of planning. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, so I think both photography and videography are essential!

Q: What are some reasons people can hire a videographer aside from weddings?

I believe there are lots of reasons, in this moment more than ever. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone loves a good story. It’s now become easier to create and share videos. That’s why videography has grown so much because it’s one of the best ways to tell a story.

The types of projects outside of weddings I’ve personally been a part of have been promotional and commercial videos, real estate videos and music videos.

Thank you Cameron for taking time to chat with us and help us all learn more about the importance of videography!

You can reach Cameron at: Stories That Move | Destination Wedding Films

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