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Wedding Package | Destin Photographer



Trying to figure our which wedding package is best for you? In today’s wedding world, there are so many choices to make. You have to find the right photographer for you, decide which venue suits you best, whether to serve beef or chicken, and the list can go on and on! 

One of the choices that I want to help you with, is figuring out which wedding photography package is right for you. Once you decide I am the right fit for you. Yay! You still have to decide which of my packages will work best for your wedding. I currently offer 3 different wedding packages. Each one is going to work a little differently for each couple because each wedding day is unique! Ultimately the biggest package difference is the amount of coverage time. But that’s still a big choice when you may not know how much time you need. So let’s dive into my 3 packages!!! What they may look like for you, and then you can decide which one is best for you! 

Panama City wedding at Runaway Island

1. 4 hour Wedding Package

This package is the smallest one I offer and typically I recommend this package for elopement style weddings. While this package can work for smaller weddings, it will be hard to fit all elements of a traditional wedding day into 4 hours. However, for elopements or micro weddings, this is perfect!

For an elopement, this amount of time would cover you both getting ready, any sort of first look, the ceremony, and any fun things you’d decide to do afterwards like adventure photos, popping champagne, or sharing a private dance. This works so well for elopements. Because it is typically just the two of you or maybe a small group of friends or family (under 10) and typically you have less formal items to photograph. 

2. 6 hour Package 

My middle package is 6 hours. This would be great for a wedding where you were ok with having the important moments photographed. But don’t necessarily want a ton of getting ready photos or reception photos. This could also be great for an adventure elopement in a National Park or somewhere with a lengthy drive to an awesome spot for photos. 

With a traditional wedding, 6 hours could cover some details and getting ready shots in the morning. As well as, bridal party photos, photos of the both of you, the ceremony. Then potentially a little bit of the reception! Ideally, this package is going to work best for you if you are ok without having morning getting ready photos.

3. 8 hour Package 

My 8-hour package is definitely going to be my most popular package for traditional weddings. It’s because we are going to be able to capture your full day with this package! With 8 hours we can cover getting ready photos in the morning, detail shots, bridal party photos, photos of the 2 of you, family photos, the ceremony, and the reception must-haves; the first dance, cake cutting, and formal dances.

I recommend this package to my couples who are planning on having a traditional wedding day. And want to make sure that they have their entire day captured. 

Along with these packages, I also offer a la carte options! This means you can add on things such as an engagement session, a videographer, a wedding album, and even add hours to your wedding package. 

The biggest thing you need to decide on when selecting a package is what you want captured. If having detail shots, the fun morning photos with your girls, and the party photos at the reception is important, then the 8 hour day will be best for you. If you don’t mind not having your morning or evening photographed. Then the 6 hour day may be better suited for you. 

As always, I am here to help you with any wedding decisions you may need advice on! If you are stuck between 2 different packages, just reach out to me. I would be happy to walk you through them even further for your specific day. 

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