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Wedding Venues in Pensacola FL



Today I am giving you my top 3 wedding venues in Pensacola FL! I have been naming some of my top favorite spots to say “I Do” on the blog. So far have hit 30A, Destin, and Orlando. I have been loving this series and I hope you guys have too.

1. Garden and Grain/Perfect Plain Brewing Co.

This is such a cool space because it’s a mix of quite a few things all in one spot. Garden and Grain is the event space in downtown Pensacola and it’s located in between their sister spots, the Grainhouse and Perfect Plain Brewing Co. It’s an outdoor patio area with a bright colored mural and chairs in fun pops of color. Next to it is the Grainhouse which is an indoor event space with an amazing industrial vibe. There’s a private bar, seating, and kitchen prep area in the Grainhouse which makes it the perfect spot for small weddings! Then there is The Rachel Room which is a semi private space within the Brewing Co. So you can really use this space to fit your unique needs. Whichever space you are in, there is an intimate and cool atmosphere all around you and definitely a laid back vibe. There is also an alleyway outside with a white brick wall which is dreamy for bridal portraits. I truly think this would be an ideal location for micro weddings

2. 5eleven Palafox 

Wow, talk about a city girl’s dream. That’s me, I’m the city girl and I am in love with this place! This location is a two story building also located in downtown Pensacola. They have a bridal loft, outdoor space, and indoor reception area. Let’s start with the bridal loft. There is amazing natural light and concrete walls, so you are sure to get those light and dreamy getting ready photographs here! They also rent this area for pre-wedding events like your bachelorette party or bridal shower. Then when you wander to the outdoor space, you immediately notice the black fence. Instead of having a regular wooden fence or something less aesthetically pleasing, they have a tall black fence around the outdoor property! I absolutely love this detail because you have a beautiful background for your outdoor ceremony photos or some moodier bridal portraits. There is plenty of exposed brick inside and again you get that cool downtown vibe here. Another bonus is they have chairs and tables for rent on site! 

3. Live Oak Plantation

Ok last but now least, we have an option for my couples that are looking for something with more of a countryside vibe. Like the name suggests, this venue is known for their large oak trees! The trees are a gorgeous backdrop for bridal portraits and family formals. I think they are such a draw and you really get a southern feel here. There is a lake and a grand lawn on the property so there are different ceremony location options! There is a house on the property with original brick, chandeliers, and vaulted ceilings for the reception or ceremony if you choose. At Live Oak they also offer an in house wedding coordinator that you can hire to help plan and run your wedding! Ok and the final touch I had to mention? They have a horse drawn carriage! 

Alright guys, that is my round-up of my top three wedding venues in Pensacola, FL. What did you think? I always try to have something for every type of couple on these lists and I think Pensacola was no exception.

Contact me to talk about photographing your wedding at any of these locations or if you have questions about these venues or others. I’d love to chat! 


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