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Top 3 Wedding Venues in New Orleans



I’m back and this time we are talking about the top 3 wedding venues in New Orleans! If you’ve missed the past blogs, I’ve talked about my top 3 favorite wedding venues in Destin, FL, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, Pensacola, FL, and 30A. This week we are heading out of Florida and over to Louisiana, where there is no shortage of gorgeous venues! 

Let’s dive in. 

1. IL Mercato

First up, we have IL Mercato which is located in the Garden District. It was actually named one of the Best Wedding Venues in America by Brides magazine. I can totally see why! This venue is absolutely gorgeous. I know I say that a lot, but that’s because it’s true! There are grand arches that give an art deco vibe, and a romantic feel inside with the decor. My personal favorite; a grand outdoor fireplace. The fireplace is often used as the backdrop for ceremonies. It’s especially breathtaking with florals and candles decorating the area. 

Honestly, this wedding venue gives off such a romantic and modern vibe, with touches of vintage. If this sounds like the type of wedding you are going for, this could be the venue for you! 

2. Race + Religious

Ok, this wedding venue is such a different vibe from the other wedding venues on this list. It truly feels like stepping back in time. As with much of New Orleans, the buildings that make up this venue are truly old and historic. The property is made up of 3 buildings and is located in the Garden District as well. 

Palm trees are scattered throughout the venue, as well as ivy climbing the brick buildings. I think one of the truly unique parts of this venue is the swimming pool in the middle of the garden. Most couples have their ceremony behind the pool so that guests can be seated around the pool. If you’re looking for history with a little bit of tropical and historical vibes, this venue could be perfect for your wedding! 

3. New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Last but not least is the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. This wedding venue is located in the French Quarter and to me, it screams moody romance! The Pharmacy Museum is a true museum. So there is no shortage of interesting backdrops to look at and of course, have in your photographs. The courtyard that is outside is where ceremonies take place. It looks like a New Orleans version of The Secret Garden. There are trees and tropical palms throughout the courtyard and of course plenty of vines.

Are you someone who loves romance but is looking for something a little non traditional? I think this venue could be the perfect match! 

Ok guys, what did you think? If you had to pick one of these wedding venues in New Orleans, which would it be? And what city would you like to see next in this Top 3 series?


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